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PostSubject: BlockStang   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:40 pm

<I Had Permission>

Basic File Information
File Title: BlockStang GT
Author: Pandan
Helper: Minitankwars
Super Contributor: Pandan
Description: A Blockland style car, made to look like a Mustang.
w00t Very Happy

Its made to look some what like the Mustang (by Ford Motors)

This is the GT model, and later i will release a convertible and a Pony Package Version. (depending on the feedback of course Very Happy)

I would like to thank Badspot for his helpful emails, and i would like to thank PeacefulWar for his helpful tips Very Happy

Thanks everyone! -Pandan

This Mustang is great! I Made a V4 Blockstang with New and tough Wheels. V4 is out and now smaller, yay! Thanks for Granting me Permission!

Preview Video Here:


Specific Information
File Version: v4

File Menu

Link: ?sharekey=e29d365d5289c0ef91b20cc0d07ba4d2c72d20cf43b3edd4
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